Low resolution, fair use image of Ani Difranco concert.

Ani Difranco in Victoria

Went to see Ani Difranco last night. She has new songs. Some folks seemed a little affected by that. Luckily, I don’t really know her old songs that well. She is really wonderful. High energy. And super smart.

Some guy was yelling smack about Obama and she had five easy things to say about it and that was that. This one stuck with me: “When I hear a lefty crawling all over Obama, it makes me want to ask them, ‘what have you done, lately’?” But what stuck with me about this is that she didn’t say it in a way that was meant to shut down the conversation. It was said in a way that was meant to continue and enrich the conversation. Did I already say that she rocks?

My initial concern about seeing her at the Royal Theatre was that it might be too much, well, sitting. But I wasn’t feeling super high energy last night and it turned out to be just the right amount of sitting for me. Going in we were asked not to take any photos but this cell phone photo is surly fair use by virtue of it’s ultra low resolution. Anyway, if you want to see some really awesome photos from last night, check out Keri Coles’ blog.

Anais Mitchell opened. We bought her cd. Found this rather endearing home video of her asking Leonard Cohen out for dinner. Wrote him a song and everything.

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