Comic of Open Mic night at Spiral Cafe.

Local and live at Spiral cafe

There’s a coffee shop in my neighbourhood and they do stuff there that I really admire. Yes, they also serve well-made, organic, fairtrade coffee. But they do more.

I’m not a music geek. Heck I hardly even enjoy music. But I recognize the role that music plays in human communities. The Spiral Cafe people seem to like humans and they seem to like music.1

I showed up at Spiral Cafe last night, a Thursday night, to find Open Mic. Hosted by open Mike. The funny thing is that I go there and bury my nose in my book, my computer, and/or my sketchbook. Everyone else is playing music and listening to music or singing along. But luckily no one thinks less of me for doing that (I think) and Mike seems to understand that I’m a little more shy than he is.

Here’s a brief graphic representation of my time there last night.

  1. the folks who run Spiral all seem to have bands in their life, including, but not limited to, The Children of Celebrities, Mexican Power Authority and The Balkan Babes.

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