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Experimenting with embedded fonts

How cool is it to be using embedded fonts on the web! This paragraph, if the experiment goes well, is expressed with a font called Chunk.

Very much fun! This paragraph is hopefully Chopin Script. (Update: no more embedded fonts here.)

Two good online resources, for doing this sort of thing, include Font Squirrel and also The League of Movable Type. I bow down to both of these organizations! 1

  1. I also am extremely thankful to Hugh Stimson, for pointing me in this direction and who will hopefully comment on the readability of these font selections.

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  1. Looks good. Chunk has some mild artifacts (on top of the lower-case “a” for instance) but they’re mild. I’d use it.

    The script is very clean.

  2. Oh wait, there is no new post styling. I was just looking at your site in IE for the first time, and the post borders render differently (as I’m sure you planned). I kind of like the IE version, but you know me.

  3. I’m really liking this embedded font business. These fonts don’t show up on my iphone. Interesting. I think I need to upload the svg version which FontSquirrel does provide as long you check it off.

  4. Just loaded it up in the new IE9 platform preview, and the fonts are smoooth. IE9’s subpixel rendering is kickass.

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