CO2 Solid Liquid and Vapour phases

CO2 Now has widgets is a neat resource specializing in helping humans simply know how much CO2 is currently in the Earth’s atmosphere. It kind of reminds me of a thermostat. We should all have a carbon-o-stat for our earth. And it should be set for 350 PPM or lower. :(

Check out to find an assortment of widgets that you too can post on your website. Yes, they have a WordPress widget.

Current CO2 level in the atmosphere

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  1. Well my browsing was successful because I stumbled upon your enlightening post while searching for pages that deal with American politics. It’s annoying to me that more blogs like this aren’t ranked at the top in the search engine results – although yours is ranked pretty good. I can’t say that I agree with everything stated in the post but it was definitely enlightening.

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