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Election 41

The federal election is May 2. Oi. Can’t wait to see what happens. I’m on board the Anyone But the Conservatives campaign. We are always in the difficult position of balancing our principles and values with the constraints and parameters of the situation we find ourselves in; if you can’t tell, I’m a strategic voter.

That said, I am proud to be in Denise Savoie’s riding. And I’ll be voting for her. And I probably would even if she had no chance of winning. Yes, even though I am a strategic voter. She’s that good.

But it’s harder for many other progressive voters. Our outdated and failing electoral system has been causing havoc among the centre left and the left left. We’re getting spanked by the Fraser Institute and everyone else who cackles gleefully every time Harper’s Conservatives get to cut taxes and deregulate.

Enter swing33.ca (update, this is now an escort site). It’s a smart approach to stopping the Conservatives. Put your money where it matters.

Update: Here’s a good article on strategies for this election, by people that care.

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