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    Victoria downtown surveillance

    Lucky Bar: good place to dance in Victoria

    I went out dancing last night at Lucky bar. At the door, I was asked for my driver’s license. My license was scanned, my personal information was inputted into a database and instantly shared with the other night clubs…

    Second annual Feminists’ Rock Camp

    cover image poster feminists rock camp

    For those who like music, this might be fun. Last year’s event was wildly successful.

    I love you more than chocolate ice cream

    Brent plays guitar

    These two are in love. This song proves it. Woooo.

    iPhone days are over

    map by iphone

    I’ve converted to an Android operating system. It’s awesome. It has more than one button at the bottom. I like that.

    Globe & Mail, the Conservatives, and the right wing

    Valid argument form

    Today’s argument takes the form of reductio ad absurdum. Premise 1: Canada’s newspaper of record would only endorse a centrist political party. Premise 2: The Globe & Mail is Canada’s newspaper of record…

    Britain is voting on First Past the Post

    Unleash the awesome power of reform cat

    Well hell. The situation today bites. First Past the Post bites. Folks think so in Britain too.