Sherwin Arnott

Interested in misinformation, politics, epistemology, and communication design.

Land back

I’m awed by Ayla Brown’s handmade design. Oh wow, turns out there is more art where this came from: Bentwood Box.

I seen it

She was kind. But she was also ruthlessly attentive to my Northern Alberta dialect. Sometimes she would simply say it back to me. I seen.

The dominant press is a giant inertia machine

But here’s an old idea: what if dominant journalism, by and large and in the long run, is actually a drag on progress? What if dominant journalism, and by that I mean the mainstream press, is actually a conservative force? On this view, it’s a drag on change…

I’m voting for proportional representation

I’m voting for proportional representation. I hope you do too, friends. #prorep #bcpoli #yyj #victoriabc #pr #proportionalrepresentation #bcvotes #bcreferendum #pr4bc

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