Land back

I’m awed by Ayla Brown’s handmade design. Oh wow, turns out there is more art where this came from: Bentwood Box.

White supremacy, doing journalism, and the explanatory comma

This particular Code Switch episode on the explanatory comma is itself a kind of extended explanatory comma, or perhaps an interrogatory comma, because Demby and Marisol Meraji take time to really discuss and think about their own discomfort with this practice.

I seen it

She was kind. But she was also ruthlessly attentive to my Northern Alberta dialect. Sometimes she would simply say it back to me. I seen.

The dominant press is a giant inertia machine

But here’s an old idea: what if dominant journalism, by and large and in the long run, is actually a drag on progress? What if dominant journalism, and by that I mean the mainstream press, is actually a conservative force? On this view, it’s a drag on change…

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