Meg says vote yes for AVP!

I hope everyone votes yes

I hope everyone (UVic students) votes and votes yes! Yay violence prevention and yay supporting survivors! Yay @anti.violence.project! #UVic #UVSS #uvicpix #victoriabc #letsgetconsensual

Waning eclipse as seen in the middle of the day through a protective lens.

Waning eclipse today

Managed to take this photo of the waning eclipse today after figuring out how to set my phone to manual and squishing it up against a pair of community eclipse-glasses at the coffee shop I was at today. I loved how everyone came out and gathered around and told stories and took turns sharing the glasses. It also helped that the folks I was meeting with were also out looking at the eclipse. See you again in 2024 @wulfnbearhugger

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