I’m voting for proportional representation

I’m voting for proportional representation. I hope you do too, friends. #prorep #bcpoli #yyj #victoriabc #pr #proportionalrepresentation #bcvotes #bcreferendum #pr4bc

Martin Speckter, type design, and the interrobang

99% Invisible did an episode on the interrobang recently. I was interested to learn that early Greek and Roman writing didn’t have spaces! Rack that up to stuff I took for granted. Apparently an ad man in the sixties developed the interrobang…

View from a ferry

Spaceship on the membrane between two, not so blue, oceans. #bcferriesjuxtapose

Some notes on why jihad is good

If you read Canadian journalists on the topic, you might not understand that jihad has some very nice meanings. Most Canadian journalists seem to commonly misrepresent the concept. It’s not just them, mind you. There’s lots of misrepresentation of jihad to go around…

Christina Chan in Quadra village

This is from coffee in Quadra village yesterday. @acuchanchan was willing to pose while I checked settings on my Nikon – thank you

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