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Fair trade, fairly traded

Fairtrade certification

I drink a lot of coffee. And sometimes I like to have a well made coffee. And sometimes I’ll drink any ole’ gas station coffee. But generally speaking, it matters to me if coffee is grown organically. Even more so, it matters to me if coffee is certified as Fair Trade coffee. And it’s not […]

Moms against climate change

If our kids knew the facts we do... This is a good ad. Found it because I’m a Tyee fan. If you have children under 17, you can upload photos of them to the Mom’s Against Climate Change site and they’ll project images of your kids onto walls in Copenhagen and Ottawa during the upcoming UN summit in December. They’re doing this […]

What to do about hate?

Okay, so it’s one thing to notice and criticize ads that are demeaning, racist or hateful. But I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I have a duty to also contact the owners of the ad that I wrote about here and also here, and let them know that I think their ad is racist. Or […]

Positioning the other

Advertisements push our buttons and our boundaries. Ad copy that once might have been rejected for being too risky or simply in bad taste is now often fair game. Companies and organizations work hard to create a brand that is irreverent, humourous and memorable. And that works for many organizations – especially if you are […]