Andrew Coyne

cropped image of Martin Luther King at the podium with poster in the background

Andrew Coyne: instance of racism #1

This is my first argument toward the conclusion that journalist Andrew Coyne made claims that were racist. The remarks by Coyne that I will focus on for today’s argument were…

These generals were probably racist too

Andrew Coyne dismisses multiple allegations of racist writing

A little while ago I posted a review of several journalists’ positions on the Idle No Moremovement. With the exception of Ibbitson, all of the journalists I reviewed positioned themselves as experts and went on to express views in ways that displayed a lack of good judgement…

An illustration of Edward Cornwallis looking very pleased with himself.

Dinosaur journalists and Idle No More

I challenge white journalists to tell us how much they think they know about about the history and relationship between settlers and Indigenous people. Judging by their recent strong opinions about First Nations governance, Indigenous land rights, the Idle No More movement, Attawapiskat, and Chief Spence, they are all experts…

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