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“Digital journalism” and the absence of hyperlinks

A speech ballon with some basic code for a hyperlink with anchor text that says Rocket science

In which I reflect on the behaviour of major news organizations in Canada who stubbornly refuse to link out to relevant websites, data and reports…

What was right about “See the veil for what it is”

Evolutionary tree sketch by Charles Darwin

This post is part of a series of reflections on Dan Gardner’s Ottawa Citizen editorial, “See the veil for what it is.” There are some things that Dan Gardner got right and I thought it would be good to make note of them, before examining his many errors.

See the veil for what it is: further reflections

At point blank with a gun

I read Dan Gardner’s column in the Ottawa Citizen on Wednesday and, dissatisfied with his analysis, wrote a blog post reviewing some of his errors in judgement. During that time I had some opportunity to engage directly with Gardner via Twitter as well as with some others on the issues surrounding his column…

About “See the veil for what it is”

Charles Darwin in a hat

It is likely that any article written by a white male journalist that starts with a title like “See the veil for what it is” would raise my hackles. So when I saw the article today I had a bit of a reflexive response: here’s another white guy, with little demonstrated understanding of women’s issues, feminism, or Islam, about to tell us what the veil really is.