cropped image of Martin Luther King at the podium with poster in the background

Andrew Coyne: instance of racism #1

This is my first argument toward the conclusion that journalist Andrew Coyne made claims that were racist. The remarks by Coyne that I will focus on for today’s argument were…

These generals were probably racist too

Andrew Coyne dismisses multiple allegations of racist writing

A little while ago I posted a review of several journalists’ positions on the Idle No Moremovement. With the exception of Ibbitson, all of the journalists I reviewed positioned themselves as experts and went on to express views in ways that displayed a lack of good judgement…

National Post retells racist joke

Scott Stinson’s defense of John Crosbie’s racist joke

I don’t make a habit of reading the National Post. It’s what Conservative Party members read. But I did see an article from Friday, November 4. It was on page three. I was immediately struck by the overt racism and decided to try to engage the author, Scott Stinson, by Twitter…

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