Stephen Harper

Globe & Mail, the Conservatives, and the right wing

Today’s argument takes the form of reductio ad absurdum. Premise 1: Canada’s newspaper of record would only endorse a centrist political party. Premise 2: The Globe & Mail is Canada’s newspaper of record…

Stephen Harper: election 41

Yes, this poster is inspired by the commissioned work of Shepard Fairey. It’s a reflection of my hopes and interests this election. By all means, if you’re interested, download, share, copy and reprint this work. The original photo that it’s based on is by Reimy Steinegger. For another poster in a similar vein, check out Bob Preston.

Harper’s Conservatives on coalitions

Harper’s Conservatives, and the business media that share their interest, have been very negative about national coalitions. My understanding is that half of Canadians favour them. That’s many more Canadians than favour the Conservatives. And Harper has been somewhat duplicitous about his own interest in them…

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