Beth Dean on empathy and design

Beth Dean is an accomplished designer and is working with Facebook (on authenticity and transparency) – she has also taken some extra time to elaborate on her thoughts on emotional intelligence in design…

Five historical misconceptions, demisconceptualized

I grew up in a subtly, vaguely, self identifying Norwegian household. We ate lefse and told stories about lutefisk and had a Norwegian version of the lord’s prayer installed in our kitchen. But, most poignantly, we believed Vikings had horns on their helmets. Turns out that’s probably bullshit. We were also pretty much wrong about…

A short history of Linux

I love the portrayal of Richard Stallman in this short history of Linux by the Linux Foundation. Going strong since 1991.

Dale, Jim and Sherwin

My big brother’s name is Dale. The tall skinny guy in this video is my father. Back then he was always dad. This video is a token of my fondness…

Music, emotion and a common human brain? Maybe.

This exhibition from the World Science Festival, from the panel on “Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus” is a good example of leadership and raises interesting questions about the universality of human capacity and human experience…

Daniel Goleman at Google

This 50 minute presentation by Goleman is of interest because he does a good job laying out the difference between threshold capacities and distinguishing capacities. IQ-like competencies are threshold capacities – that is, people need to meet a basic threshold of IQ to even get in the game. But EQ is a distinguishing capacity in so far as someone’s emotional and social intelligence is directly

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