Cover image for a video branding public transit

The bus is cool

“Free handles. It is big and long. It has its own lane. Yeah. It is street.” This video ad is seriously awesome…

Socrates and Plato at the agora: Raphael

New tagline

Some recent blog posts about bias and hypocrisy have got me thinking about how the heck we know stuff. How the heck do we know stuff? What counts as justification for our beliefs. And why are we wrong so often? These are questions that get me riled. They always have…

Four cops surround a man on the ground just prior to killing him in the Vancouver airport.

The Robert Dziekanski case

The officers failed to properly assess and respond to the situation effectively. Then they used too much force. Then they failed to administer CPR. Then the officers lied. Then their superiors and media relations officers lied…

Tim Ball, fraud

Russ Campbell, Tim Ball and climate change (I mean global warming)

Media coverage of global warming, ahem, has been divisive. If you are a busy person trying to understand global warming, you might get a little confused by reading the National Post, the Calgary Herald, or Russ Campbell’s blog. It’s partly because of the lack of critical discourse about many self-proclaimed climate experts’ credentials…

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