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NPR ethics handbook

I like this handbook on ethics by NPR. I like the way it looks and the way it functions. I like the spirit of integrity that it…

iPhone days are over

I’ve converted to an Android operating system. It’s awesome. It has more than one button at the bottom. I like that.

Deliberately losing myself on the interwhiz

Sometimes it’s nice to ramble all over the interflaz. Sometimes you discover cool stuff. And sometimes it’s fun to ramble on your blog. Like this…

Water is connected to everything

Okay I get that some folks think that everything is connected to everything. Some moments I think that too. But that flattens the universe. And mostly hippies think that. Go deeper. Some connections matter than others. Even people that believe in astrology believe that our connection to stars is more important than our connection to…

Blogging-about-water-day is coming soon

My discourse analysis of the National Post has been momentarily postponed. Partly it’s postponed because I’ve lost the plotline. But I’ll be back. In the mean time you should know that I’m supporting Blog Action Day from again this year. Last year’s blog, by me, was about the uncertainty principle. This year, I’ll be…

CO2 Now has widgets is a neat resource specializing in helping humans simply know how much CO2 is currently in the Earth’s atmosphere. It kind of reminds me of a thermostat. We should all have a carbon-o-stat for our earth. And it should be set for 350 PPM or lower. :( Check out to find an assortment […]

Discussion policy for handling comments on your blog

I found this frickin awesome discussion policy and thought it was worth making note of. It covers a lot of stuff!

More reflections on the G20 and Canada Day

It’s mid evening of July 1st, 2010, and I’m just reflecting on my many ambivalent feelings about Canada day. Today, when I reflect on what Canada means, I can’t help but think of police, patriarchy, Harper, poverty, white supremacy, Christian supremacy, gendered violence, oppression and colonization. I think there are good things too. I do. […]

Cognitive surplus: one more video

Since I seem to be on a kick posting videos, I thought I would post a recentish talk by Clay Shirky about collaboration and cognitive surplus. Clay Shirky is interesting and he wrote Here Comes Everybody, which was pretty good. He has two other TED talks and you can find links to them from his […]

Photo difficulties with Apple’s iPhone OS 4 upgrade

I upgraded my iPhone today to the latest operating system. It took an hour or maybe an hour and a half, and it prompted me for clicks several times. When it was done, I unhappily discovered that many of my photos were missing. Pictures of my friend Pippa’s 60th birthday, were gone. Pictures of me […]

Anil Dash: blogging for over ten years


Alpha, Bravo, something, hotel, something…

Ever try to communicate your URL over the phone? On the radio? Sometimes this kind of translation can be very tricky. I’m not sure why exactly, but this sort of thing can make me think about faxing phone numbers or sending dates by morse code. We have codes for codes for codes. The codes below […]

Alpha, beta, something

Math was probably the class that I most often got to use Greek letters in. Well, maybe physics. We used Delta as a symbol for change. We used pPi to express the relationship of the radius of a circle to it’s circumference (or area). And we used Sigma to express a sum. I think. And […]

Experimenting with embedded fonts

How cool is it to be using embedded fonts on the web! This paragraph, if the experiment goes well, is expressed with a font called Chunk. Very much fun! This paragraph is hopefully Chopin Script. Two good online resources, for doing this sort of thing, include Font Squirrel and also The League of Movable Type. […]

XKCD makes me twitch

It’s amazing how much you can express with stickman comics. So much so, I’ve been making a study of XKCD and even trying to make my own comics. I’m an illustrator. But I’m not yet the master of the stick figure. In the meantime, here’s an XKCD comic that makes me twitch with mirth.

Slideshows… about social media

These slideshows are from which seems like it might be a really handy service. Wow, there are a lot of slideshows on social media trends. Here’s just three: 16 Social Media Trends for 2010 by Agent Wildfire View more presentations from Sean Moffitt. 10 Trends For Social Media In 2010 Social Media Arizona 2010 […]

Fossil awards for Harper-Prentice Government

Jim Prentice and the Harper Government have earned Canada several Fossil Awards for the positions they have been putting forward in negotiations at Copenhagen. Actually, we’re currently leading the scoreboard for total points. Hell. We took first place and second on Friday, December 11. We took Second place for trying to argue that our target […]

Something is happening

I’m an admirer of the minds behind GeoMemes, and I was visiting their site recently and noticed that they had embedded the advertisement below. It’s not something I would expect to find on the home page of their website. But as the tech nerds at GeoMemes point out, something important is happening this week.

Best commenter, November 2009

And the best commenter award for October of 2009 goes to… Lisa B! Lisa is a kick ass poet and spoken word artist. I should disclose that beyond my appreciation for her insightful and supportive comments, I am also a regular and normal sort of fan of hers. She articulates herself online here – I […]

Hateful language campaign

After the last post I thought I better write something that clearly identifies me as anti-anti-queer.1 Found this cool campaign aimed at challenging the language people use, and the way they use it. I actually still hear it quite a lot. Someone says, “that’s so gay.” But they mean, “that’s not good”, or “that sucks”, […]

Now this is an ad

David Suzuki says call PM

David Suzuki says call prime minister Stephen Harper and tell him that Canada needs to show a willingness to cooperate in Copenhagen. And he also says we should record our phone calls on video and then post them to the Suzuki site. So that’s what we did and we submitted our videos to the Suzuki […]

About Timeline

You might not have notice my testing of a WordPress plugin based on the Simile  Timeline widget. In case you didn’t, you can view my timeline experiment here. This particular instantiation is simply pulling all of the categories from my blog and dropping the posts into the timeline. It’s fairly customizable. It’s very customizable if […]