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"There are too many privileged white dudes who defend the status quo in 'journalism

NPR ethics handbook

I like this handbook on ethics by NPR. I like the way it looks and the way it functions. I like the spirit of integrity that it…

blog action

Water is connected to everything

Okay I get that some folks think that everything is connected to everything. Some moments I think that too. But that flattens the universe. And mostly hippies think that. Go deeper. Some connections matter than others. Even people that believe in astrology believe that our connection to stars is more important than our connection to…

Blog action day 2010

Blogging-about-water-day is coming soon

My discourse analysis of the National Post has been momentarily postponed. Partly it’s postponed because I’ve lost the plotline. But I’ll be back. In the mean time you should know that I’m supporting Blog Action Day from again this year. Last year’s blog, by me, was about the uncertainty principle. This year, I’ll be…

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