Beyoncé getting women in formation

#PantSuitNation is making me cry

There is much about this election that has provoked a roller coaster of emotions. I’m excited to see that some women have chosen to dress up in their pantsuits to vote.

Petrostatehood is not a zero or one

Petrostatehood is not a zero or one

Some time ago Nikiforuk published an article at Foreign Policy declaring Canada a petrostate. It caused a big splash and became a talking point in the culture wars that make up Canadian politics. Stephen Saideman called it hyperbole. And Andrew Leech called it short on evidence…

warships from the American Civil War

People died for this right

I’ve heard countless pious prescriptions to do such and such, because “people fought and died for this right.” There are many versions of this cliché. They are all clichés. And they are all terribly lazy…

The three estates of the Catholic Church

Why Catholics hate: a primer

The official Catholic doctrine is that homosexual conduct, including non-sexual, romantic behaviour, is immoral. The Catholic church writes and defends this view. The Catholic church preaches this to their members. And the Catholic church teaches this to students…

liquidity support to banks

The mystery of the ‘secret canadian bank bailout’

Stephen Gordon is concerned that the CCPA put out a press release saying that the Canadian Government secretly bailed out banks during the global financial crisis. I heard him on CBC yesterday and I listened carefully, partly because I know him to say things that are interesting and sometimes galling…

Charles Darwin in a hat

About “See the veil for what it is”

It is likely that any article written by a white male journalist that starts with a title like “See the veil for what it is” would raise my hackles. So when I saw the article today I had a bit of a reflexive response: here’s another white guy, with little demonstrated understanding of women’s issues, feminism, or Islam, about to tell us what the veil really is.

diagram of shale gas extraction

Fracking, colonization and the Peace Country

Went to a public forum last night to hear about fracking in Northeastern BC. I thought I already knew how bad hydraulic fracturing and shale gas extraction are. But there is nothing quite like having graphs and maps enriched by honest, heartfelt stories, told by real breathing humans…

National Post retells racist joke

Scott Stinson’s defense of John Crosbie’s racist joke

I don’t make a habit of reading the National Post. It’s what Conservative Party members read. But I did see an article from Friday, November 4. It was on page three. I was immediately struck by the overt racism and decided to try to engage the author, Scott Stinson, by Twitter…

Democracy is not zero or one

Democracy is not a single style of governance. Democracy is not simply about having elections. Democracies come in many colours and fashions. Democracy is a matter of degree and dimension…

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