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My cell phone carrier has stopped spamming me

My local gym and community centre is awesome. It’s a little less than three kilometres from my home. The pool is great. The gym is nice. It’s got a kind of weird gate system that totally doesn’t work, but the people who work there are super nice. I don’t go often enough.

The funniest thing used to happen when I would go to the gym. I would get a text from my phone company, telling me that I was getting “extra coverage.”1

The first couple times it happened I thought it was a mistake. And I called the phone company and I told them what was happening. Their response was that I was simply travelling outside of my regular cellphone coverage. I worried that I was getting charged for roaming, but they assured me I wasn’t.

“Why are you texting me about coverage? Am I getting charged extra?”

“No sir, you are not getting charged, we just want to let you know that you are getting bonus coverage abroad.”

“My gym is literally three kilometres from my house. So, you’re bragging that I get coverage, that I ‘don’t pay extra for’ three kilometres from my house. By text.”

“Yes sir.”

Anyway, after several years, I’ve stopped getting those texts.

For now.

  1. By “funny” I mean annoying, and kind of funny in a sort of my phone-company-is-incompetent way.

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