Some of my most popular, and favourite, dispatches

A car in a flood in 1927 in Mississippi

The context is climate change

Journalists claim that it’s their duty to give context to important events. The floods in Alberta are important. The context is climate change, but the…
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The globe reminds us that no one spins harder than a media outlet under scrutiny

Understanding bias

I see bias everywhere. Yes we all struggle with our biases. I wish the reporters, editors and owners at the Globe and Mail would own…
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Democracy is not zero or one

Democracy is not a single style of governance. Democracy is not simply about having elections. Democracies come in many colours and fashions. Democracy is a…
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Four cops surround a man on the ground just prior to killing him in the Vancouver airport.

The Robert Dziekanski case

The officers failed to properly assess and respond to the situation effectively. Then they used too much force. Then they failed to administer CPR. Then…
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Graphic representation of my coffee

Can humans echolocate?

A few years ago I was at a dinner party at a cabin on Vancouver Island. The host, and my good friend, Dalton, told a…
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