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A good php resource

PHP is a scripting language. I really don’t know a lot about PHP other than that WordPress and Drupal work because PHP works. I believe that it allows for site content, and data about the content, to get stored in a database and that this makes it easier for people to manage this content without having to write HTML or even CSS. And all of that is totally cool.

When designing a site, there is the odd occasion when I want to tweak the PHP a little and when I do that these guys come in very handy. The particular way the time stamps are written on this blog, for instance, are using the following bit of code:

php the_time('d.F.Y')

That capital F expresses the month as a whole word instead of as a number or as an abbreviated word or as a two digit number. I found that out by referring to this useful resource.

I guess I just want to say thanks. Thanks PHP people.

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