Drupal Camp Victoria 2009 - squashing bugs with Hugh Stimson.

Drupal Camp Victoria 2009

I had the good fortune of going to Drupal Camp last weekend here in Victoria. There were so many cool nerds there!

I haven’t launched a site using Drupal yet — at least not a site that’s intended for public consumption. But I hope to. As a CMS it’s a lot more clicky than WordPress but it’s also way robust and generally way cool. And as I’ve discovered over the last six months or so, people are building some very attractive (i.e. pretty) sites with Drupal.

Some of the workshops were below my level of understanding and several were well beyond my level of understanding but that’s the way it goes at conferences. And for $20, who can really complain. One of the highlights for me was watching a module author, check out his code from drupal.org, sqash some bugs, and then check it back in. I’ve never seen someone use CVS before. I met a lot of totally awesome people.

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