Giant art installation (metal flowers) at the Victoria airport

Victoria airport art

These giant metal flowers remind me of public art at the University of Calgary campus…

Giant wood eggs float in the air at the Vancouver Centre

Giant art. Floating.

Giant wood eggs float in the air at the Vancouver Centre. They’re an interesting example of quasi-public art.

screenshot of the National Post spoofing Google

A problem for Google: National Post

I was surprised to learn recently that an important paper that forms the basis of the intellectual underpinnings of the austerity movement is wrong. But more importantly, I discovered that Google needs to do a better job indexing webpages…

Sculpture, Dave Parsanishi

Dave Parsanishi

This short video featuring the art of Dave Parsanishi is interesting to me, in part, because I’ve seen several of his detailed sculptures, in person. But I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking with Dave about aesthetics and the psychology of presentation…

Richard Stallman is a visionary

A short history of Linux

I love the portrayal of Richard Stallman in this short history of Linux by the Linux Foundation. Going strong since 1991.

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