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Design a better calendar: new zero year needed

It’s two thousand years since the birth of Christ; the zero year. I think it’s time to free ourselves from the Christian calendar…

A problem for Google: National Post

I was surprised to learn recently that an important paper that forms the basis of the intellectual underpinnings of the austerity movement is wrong. But more importantly, I discovered that Google needs to do a better job indexing webpages…

Dave Parsanishi

This short video featuring the art of Dave Parsanishi is interesting to me, in part, because I’ve seen several of his detailed sculptures, in person. But I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking with Dave about aesthetics and the psychology of presentation…

A short history of Linux

I love the portrayal of Richard Stallman in this short history of Linux by the Linux Foundation. Going strong since 1991.

Texting abbreviation reference for the brevity challenged

Some time ago, I published a poster as a reference for folks, such as myself, who are not texting saavy. This post continues to get visits pretty much every day, which is cool. Over the summer, I noticed that the poster still gets some attention and decided to launch a text abbreviation reference website on this basis…

Alberta oil pr

Given my interest in science, public relations, web design and climate change, I have been thinking for a while about building a site with some social and moral relevance to the world I inhabit. I have been building a website about climate change soundbites.

Yes, my blog has no search form currently.

It’s a user experience failure. I know. Search forms are really important. But until I get a search form that works, here’s a little secret…

Cakes, stones and violins

Year’s ago when I was an associate member of the Stone Sculptor’s Guild in Calgary, I took a lot of advice from a stone carver who’s father had been a cake decorator. This was a formative issue for the young stone carver. He watched his father work tirelessly making art that never lasted. Cakes, after […]

Cognitive surplus: one more video

Since I seem to be on a kick posting videos, I thought I would post a recentish talk by Clay Shirky about collaboration and cognitive surplus. Clay Shirky is interesting and he wrote Here Comes Everybody, which was pretty good. He has two other TED talks and you can find links to them from his […]

Ode to spring

I found these images on Tim Irvin’s blog, here and here. And so striking, they are, I decided to build the following animation. Keep in mind, that it took Tim’s back yard about one week to do this. If you missed it, just click the photo for a replay or wait about eight seconds and […]

About pencils, again

It’s been a little over eight months since I wrote about pencils. Something cool that’s happened since my last reflection on pencils is that I have been meeting semi regularly to sketch and study with some other art folks. Turns out that the root meaning of the word “pencil” takes us back to fourteenth century […]

Supporting Honeysuckle

Now this is a cool project. Or shall I say, it’s a tasty recipe. I feel like I get to brag a little because I’ve actually met this rising star. I know – cool huh. Her project has interesting politics. I think. Well, anyway how could I not support this exploration of sex, power and […]

Fair trade, fairly traded

I drink a lot of coffee. And sometimes I like to have a well made coffee. And sometimes I’ll drink any ole’ gas station coffee. But generally speaking, it matters to me if coffee is grown organically. Even more so, it matters to me if coffee is certified as Fair Trade coffee. And it’s not […]

Strong 404 message

404 messages can be annoying, confusing, utilitarian and boring. But check out the cool 404 message on A 404 code is the type of error message you get when you go to a page on a website that doesn’t exist. ↩

The future of cities

This conversation with Paul Saffo is interesting in part because these two middle age white executives are speaking so nonchalantly about the relative likelihood of nation states breaking up into city states. And don’t forget about the rise of robots. And don’t forget about surviving climate change. And what about the cost of housing on […]

Experimenting with embedded fonts

How cool is it to be using embedded fonts on the web! This paragraph, if the experiment goes well, is expressed with a font called Chunk. Very much fun! This paragraph is hopefully Chopin Script. Two good online resources, for doing this sort of thing, include Font Squirrel and also The League of Movable Type. […]

XKCD makes me twitch

It’s amazing how much you can express with stickman comics. So much so, I’ve been making a study of XKCD and even trying to make my own comics. I’m an illustrator. But I’m not yet the master of the stick figure. In the meantime, here’s an XKCD comic that makes me twitch with mirth.

Something cool about the Olympics

Download the poster that says it all: here.

Christmas eve with Martin Luther King

Thanks to the vision of the CBC, Martin Luther King was invited to give Massey Lectures in 1967. I had no idea.  Well, okay, I had some idea but CBC never ceases to amaze. I’ve heard a smattering of the Massey lectures but I’ve never heard any portion of King’s. Apparently he gave a five […]

Banksy on Branding

Christian Lander recently added Banksy to his list of stuff that white people like. Shit. Well there’s no going back now. I’m a white person and I like this guy. Partly I like Banksy because he has insights into the culture of advertising. This is part of what he has to say about branding in […]

About Timeline

You might not have notice my testing of a WordPress plugin based on the Simile  Timeline widget. In case you didn’t, you can view my timeline experiment here. This particular instantiation is simply pulling all of the categories from my blog and dropping the posts into the timeline. It’s fairly customizable. It’s very customizable if […]

Moms against climate change This is a good ad. Found it because I’m a Tyee fan. If you have children under 17, you can upload photos of them to the Mom’s Against Climate Change site and they’ll project images of your kids onto walls in Copenhagen and Ottawa during the upcoming UN summit in December. They’re doing this […]

CBC logos have always been cool

I was at my local coffee shop yesterday, and Alison (sp? sorry) was wearing this cool shirt with a cool design on the front. When I noted that it was rather awesome she asked me if I recognized it. I didn’t. Turns out that it’s an old CBC logo. Well, sort of. It’s the image […]

Texting abbreviations

Update: I’ve launched an online reference for the brevity challenged at Texting Abbreviations. If you’re like me and not super into texting and/or online social networking tools then you’re probably unfamiliar with various web and texting acrynoms. I’m making a concerted effort to change that. And I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of online resources […]