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Year in review: blogging is still cool

My record of publication is a little patchy in moments but all in all I’d say it was a pretty good year. I currently have 123 posts published. And I have nine drafts started that I have not yet finished. On my best day, I had 140 page views. I had other days, with zero page views.

For 2011 I would like to shift gears a little. I think I would like to blog less here at and blog more elsewhere. But I would like to provide more value for first time visitors. You might have noticed that I’m experimenting with a new archive page. It’s a work in progress. While I develop it, I will be giving some thought to what I want the home page to do. I would like to do some organizing. The categories and tags need some tidying up. I would like to provide more resources for people to enjoy, such as links to good authors and other online resources.

I should note that I love receiving requests to blog about things. Recently, I was asked to say something about an article in the Globe and Mail about journalism, information and the duty to inform (not misinform) the public. I will: it’s forthcoming. It fits into my larger interest in epistemology and science and democracy. Big ideas, those. Plus I have a running, and not yet finished, rant about the failure of certain news organizations. This reminds me: I said I would do a basic discourse analysis of the National Post in regards to gendered violence and Vancouver. I still intend to do that.

I also want to have better documentation of the research I do on design, internetty stuff, typography, advertising and marketing, and the oft exploited irrational behaviours of humans. But I might do this at another location, and if I do, I’ll make sure I link you up.

Hey. Let’s call this year One-one. Or two point oh point one point one. You pick.

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