map by iphone

iPhone days are over

I’ve converted to an Android operating system. It’s awesome. It has more than one button at the bottom. I like that.

Reasons I left iPhone

I had an old 3g iPhone. And it was good. And then I was instructed to update to a new operating system that impaired it’s functionality. I was given no warning, no ability to revert, and no warning that their new software was not backwards compatible. I lost some intellectual property which I rediscovered by using the iPhone Explorer and I lost some functionality that I had previously enjoyed. In short, I felt betrayed.

map by iphone

But this is not the only reason that I’m tired of Apple or tired of my iPhone. A couple weeks ago I used some free software to make a map of my various positions in time and space. Turns out that my iPhone was secretly mapping my movements. I say secretly because whenever I was prompted to use the geolocator options, I would always opt out. It’s a good reminder to take terms of service very seriously and apparently I’ve been lax. It is interesting that the Apple people seem to be claiming it’s a bug. It is also interesting that the vast majority of iPhone users didn’t know. It is also interesting that many folks seem okay with this. Yet another reason for me to don my tinfoil hat.

The final reason that I’m getting off the iPhone boat, is the calendar software. We have been paying for a service (MobileMe) to synchronize our calendars and contact lists and task managers. But the latest calendar updates are ominously not backwards compatible with my desktop. And the updates are also not optional. Jack asses.

All of that to say, I’m giving a new mobile device a try. So far, I love it. Most importantly, I don’t have to wait 30 or 50 seconds for the app to open, then watch it crash, and then open it again.

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