Lucky Bar: good place to dance in Victoria

Victoria downtown surveillance

I went out dancing last night at Lucky bar. 1 At the door, I was asked for my driver’s license. My license was scanned, my personal information was inputted into a database and instantly shared with the other night clubs in town.

All of this happened without my consent. I wasn’t asked if I was okay with them scanning my ID. I wasn’t asked if I was okay with them storing my personal information. It was just assumed that if I was to go in, this would happen. Because I’m a curmudgeon, I asked what happened when he scanned my license. He claimed they only use the data if “something happens” or they “call the cops.”

All of this strikes me as an unfortunate problem for the Victoria night club scene. I surmise from these measures that the downtown nightclub scene must be violent. So the bars want to work with the cops to deal with the violence but they are now risking their brand by surveilling their customers. Hence they are understandably hush hush about the surveillance.

Apparently, they don’t share the data with anyone other than the other venues and the police. And apparently, the data gets erased every morning. Says the door guy. Good times in the capital city of the best place on earth.

  1. A good friend has finished her PhD comps. Yah!

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  1. Come to our bar, pay for drinks, dance for free and the surveillance is free too! Is it just me, that I don’t trust them to delete the data every morning? It’s like the iPhone telling me that I can turn off the location tracking. Just turn it off. Just delete it.

  2. My favourite part of that Martlet article is the bit about deleting data ‘unless the customer is flagged.’ Guys. You didn’t even try to make that sound like a serious procedure.

  3. The procedure is perfectly good. They simply delete the data unless they decide there is a good reason not to. That’s a perfectly good procedure. lols.

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