National Post retells racist joke

Scott Stinson’s defense of John Crosbie’s racist joke

I don’t make a habit of reading the National Post. It’s what Conservative Party members read. But I did see an article from Friday, November 4. It was on page three. I was immediately struck by the overt racism and decided to try to engage the author, Scott Stinson, by Twitter.

National Post puts Ford ad on same page as Racist jokeI also tweeted at Ford Canada, whose half page ad was featured under the article, to see if they had ideas about the situation. It is, after all, bad branding for them to be associated with overt racism. I also tweeted at the National Post, to make sure they understood my disdain.

To Scott Stinson’s credit, he responded to me. Kudos.

As part of our Twitter exchange, Stinson agreed to read a blog post, if I wrote one. So I did.

You can read my analysis of the joke and the National Post’s defense of it over at Racetalk. You should head over there now, because, to be honest, the post you’re currently reading is kind of boring. But, in case you’re interested, I conclude that the joke was racist. I further conclude that the National Post’s retelling of the joke was racist. I also conclude that Scott Stinson’s defense of the joke was racist. I conclude even that the laughter by the MPs in the audience, was racist. And here’s a summary of just one of the argument structures.

Summary of just one of the argument structures

premise: The Joke Crosbie told was racist.
lemma: If someone retells a racist joke, without acknowledging the racism, the retelling of the joke constitutes a racist action.
Premise: The National Post retold the joke without acknowledging the racism.
Conclusion: Therefore, the National Post’s retelling of the joke was racist.

More of that at my fuller analysis on Racetalk →

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