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Emotional intelligence and Twitter

A surprising amount of meaning can be made in 140 characters. And as we say in brand management, it’s not what you say, it’s what people hear. This can make for a challenging communications context for sure. And since I’m taking over the team Twitter handle for [EITC] for the next while, I’ve been giving some thought to how to be a better tweep. And that got me to wondering about how to be a more emotionally intelligent tweep. And while I don’t have the answers to those big questions I have compiled a list of goals that I want to recommit myself to:

  1. be an authentic robot human with human interests, views, and, yes, feelings,
  2. be curious about other people’s projects and interests,
  3. be generous with other people’s projects and interests,
  4. be in dialogue, with other humans,
  5. don’t think of Twitter as only a marketing opportunity,
  6. provide quality information,
  7. speak my truths, and practice acceptance,
  8. don’t spam bomb hashtags (see #4),
  9. prove to other humans that I am a funny human,
  10. seek world domination.


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  1. Great post, Sherwin! I especially like 9 and 10 – btw, must one ‘prove’ that one is funny or is one just funny or why does it matter? ;-)

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