Texting abbreviations

Texting abbreviations

Update: I’ve launched an online reference for the brevity challenged at Texting Abbreviations.


If you’re like me and not super into texting and/or online social networking tools then you’re probably unfamiliar with various web and texting acrynoms. I’m making a concerted effort to change that. And I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of online resources where I can look stuff up. LOL? Well even I get that one. But I often have to consult with someone more text savvy about such things as IMHO or INALB.

All of this looking up has resulted in a poster that I’ve devised. 1 I chose to set it up using Garamond and Myriad Pro. Solid fonts those.

Poster of Text Abbreviations 11×17 [PDF]

  1. It’s eleven inches by seventeen inches, just in case you’re interested in printing it out.

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  1. Brilliant. Where did you get the data?

    And who do I know who has an 11×17 printer?

  2. GAS DGA,

  3. GAS!
    Really? :)

  4. Hugh, in terms of the data, it’s been about a year or so since I started this project and I found a folder on my computer with several documents. Sorry.

  5. What happened to the poster? Link no worky.

  6. Worky worky.

  7. Thanks for the hard work.

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