EQ-i and EQ-360 Certification 2010

The EQ-i is licenced by Multi-Health Systems Inc.

This training course will include detailed information and instruction on the administration, scoring, interpretation, development, norming, reliability and validity of the BarOn EQ-i. It will provide you with the information and skills you will need to make educated and informed decisions regarding your employees or clients and to form the basis of a sound emotional intelligence skills development program.

EQ-i 2.0 Certification Course Overview

(for EQ-360 Certification (EQ-i Certification is pre-requisite) Teleclass Course details including dates, please click here)

Day 1 – Introduction to emotional intelligence, leading models of EI/EQ in the world and how they compare and contrast

Day 2 – How the EQ-i works – norms, standard scores, validation research, various reports available, online tools

Day 3 – Application – reading and interpreting reports, providing debrief/feedback sessions, creating workshops, seminars, presentations, integrating the EQ-i into leadership, team effectiveness, customer service skills development programs.

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