This cat has changed so much in a few years

Alpha, Bravo, something, hotel, something…

Ever try to communicate your URL over the phone? On the radio? Sometimes this kind of translation can be very tricky. I’m not sure why exactly, but this sort of thing can make me think about faxing phone numbers or sending dates by morse code.

We have codes for codes for codes. The codes below help us to hear the letters. It’s phonetic. And it reminds me of working with helicopters. Although, I can’t say that I ever remember someone saying “kilo.” Nonetheless, I’m fascinated by this kind of thing and I include it here for reference.

  1. Alpha
  2. Bravo
  3. Charlie
  4. Delta
  5. Echo
  6. Foxtrot
  7. Golf
  8. Hotel
  9. India
  10. Juliet
  11. Kilo
  12. Lima
  13. Mike
  14. November
  15. Oscar
  16. Papa
  17. Quebec
  18. Romeo
  19. Sierra
  20. Tango
  21. Uniform
  22. Victor
  23. Whiskey
  24. X-ray
  25. Yankee
  26. Zulu

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