artistic flourish for the text abbreviations site

Texting abbreviation reference for the brevity challenged

Some time ago, I published a poster as a reference for folks, such as myself, who are not texting saavy. This post continues to get visits pretty much every day, which is cool.

Over the summer, I noticed that the poster still gets some attention and decided to launch a text abbreviation reference website on this basis. It was an experiment in user experience, WordPress, php, typography and Search Engine Optimization.

Some months later, Becky helped me to improve the design. If you have a chance, check it out. The theme we built to house the content at Texting Abbreviations later got re-used at a site that had, I hoped, more social relevance. 1

I should mention that Texting Abbreviations currently has a WordPress plugin installed that I have very much enjoyed using. It’s called Search Meter and it logs all searches and makes special note of the unsuccessful searches. This has been very handy.


  1. Unfortunately, I have since discovered that the second site is quite possibly not advancing the stated cause at all; it may in fact be hurting the cause. This concerns me greatly. I take seriously the principle, do no harm. More on this very soon.

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