Sculpture, Dave Parsanishi

Dave Parsanishi

Full disclosure: I know Dave.1 This short video by SHAW TV about his art is interesting to me, in part, because I’ve seen several of his detailed and striking sculptures, in person, and I’m stoked that he’s being recognized as an artist. It’s also of interest to me because I’ve spoken with Dave about aesthetics and the psychology of presentation. Listen carefully to his aspirations about making every “six inch chunk” of a sculpture beautiful, flowing and complete by itself. This an inspiring challenge to the more common notion that every sculpture is a gestalt that cannot stand alone unless seen in whole. His approach requires patience and discipline. But it seems to me that it also requires a very different way of seeing. It is, perhaps, and I’m totally making this up, an atomistic approach to art and beauty. Exciting! Looking forward to trying to catch the the Port Alberni Art Rave in August 2012.

Update: This video has been removed by the creators. Too bad. Here’s an old screenshot from the original:

Sculpture, Dave Parsanishi

  1. He’s my cousin-in-law.

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