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Hateful language campaign

After the last post I thought I better write something that clearly identifies me as anti-anti-queer.1 Found this cool campaign aimed at challenging the language people use, and the way they use it. I actually still hear it quite a lot.

Someone says, “that’s so gay.” But they mean, “that’s not good”, or “that sucks”, or “that’s bad”, or “that’s ugly”. Using the term this way is super hateful. ThinkB4YouSpeak is a really cool social marketing campaign that, among other things, appears to disagree with the SouthPark approach of using “fag” and “faggot” in reference to annoying and inconsiderate people, i.e. not in reference to gays. The have some cool posters to this affect and they have a cool twitter counter on their home page that keeps track of how many people, per day, tweet “that’s so gay”. Hmmm, I tried to embed it but it’s a little finnicky so if you want to see it, go check it out.

Oh yeah, they have some fun ads too. :)

  1. Yeah, like “anti-anti-queer” is clear – lol!

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