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Fossil awards for Harper-Prentice Government

Jim Prentice and the Harper Government have earned Canada several Fossil Awards for the positions they have been putting forward in negotiations at Copenhagen. Actually, we’re currently leading the scoreboard for total points. Hell. We took first place and second on Friday, December 11. We took Second place for trying to argue that our target of -3% reduction below 1990 levels are based on science. We took first place because Jim Prentice admitted that we’re trying to replace the Kyoto Protocol with a new agreement. Analysts speculate that this is a goal of several developed countries with high per capita carbon emissions because by undermining an international and binding process, developed countries will be more free to work independently and without accountability. This seems to be a recurring problem for the Harper-Prentice-Mackay government. They seem to be unable to collaborate effectively and remain accountable to our international commitments.

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