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A random note on “I’m not a joiner”

The phrase, “I’m not a joiner” is one that I’ve heard a number of times, spoken by folks who are claiming not to be into joining groups.

What is implied, I think, is that they are free thinking individuals and that joining is conforming. And I think they also suggest that conforming is a problem. So when I spoke, for example, about the mandate and effectiveness of Amnesty International all they said was “I’m not a joiner”. It’s a little insulting.

And it overlooks the ways in which we are members of many groups by default. And unless they think all is right with the way we’ve formed our societies, then they might want to reconsider what role joining has in making changes. “I’m not a joiner” ought to be the slogan of the Ayn Rand Libertarian’s club.

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  1. This comment you left here was lost on me the first time I read it. I didn’t get the connection you were seeing. But now I do. And it makes sense to me know. It kinda makes me wish that we had written transcripts for all of our conversations so I could review them later for greater insight.

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