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  1. “WAH ha HA”

    i see a steeple of fingers rising and falling, *
    breathing if you will
    as a plot is calculated,
    a man
    a name
    striking fear into god’s people
    canvasing door to door
    asking questions

    a man
    a plot

    a danger.


    * i really love your thinking fingers, every time i see them i get excited to hear what you are pondering.

  2. Hmmmm….. I thought for a moment it might be real. Not sure that was what you intended…. or maybe it was real. And definitely I have no idea what point you are making. And of course I don’t understand most of what is involved there, which is my problem, which I don’t have a problem with. What if the wrong people take something seriously from there and consequences occur? A little worrisome….

  3. No it’s not real. It’s probably not funny if you’re not familiar with the scare tactics and bad journalism of Glen Beck. But basically anyone, even you, can go to this url and then enter your own name and it will automatically make this video but with your name in it. I have no idea what kind of fancy technology makes it run. But ultimately it’s a satire of Glen Beck’s faulty logic.

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