New tagline

New tagline

Some recent blog posts about bias and hypocrisy have got me thinking about how the heck we know stuff. How the heck do we know stuff? What counts as justification for our beliefs? And why are we wrong so often? These are questions that get me riled. They always have.

I guess I’m realizing this anew, and it’s finally time to change the tagline of my blog. This is the third incarnation. It started out as “to infinity and beyond…” With prodding from Hugh, I managed to arrive at “Media, design & beyond…” The current iteration, “Media, Design & Epistemology…” feels more final. You will have probably noticed that I couldn’t quite free myself from the grip of the ellipsis.

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  1. had to look up epistemology… make me learn boyo make me learn.

  2. Fancy word. But a concept everyone uses.

  3. Yes, this is good. I like it very much!
    And agreed. It is difficult to free oneself from the grip of ellipsis…

  4. Yup, I like it.

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