Eggs (many eggs)

Twelve eggs every day

I knew this guy in Nelson. He ate twelve eggs every day.

My first reaction to this was, woah, this guy is going to die of heart disease. But to quote my ex, this guy had an ass you could bounce a nickle off. On reflection, that saying doesn’t really make sense. The point is that he had a  super hard body and was a super health nut. And he was fifty. Ripped and fifty. And he had a masters in biochemistry. He claimed to know things about eggs. And he said that everything we had ever heard about eggs being bad for us, was published by the meat and dairy industry. At two and a half grams of fat each, and loaded with important proteins, he argued that eggs were the perfect human food. Two and a half grams of fat isn’t much. It’s less than a Dad’s cookie. That’s interesting. Also, one quarter to one third of our daily caloric intake is meant to come from fats. Of course, fats come in many varieties and some are better than others. Eggs, according to the fifty year old biochemistry ripped health nut guy, have the right kind of fats. The oil people cook them in might be another matter.

The perfect human food. Unless you’re a vegan human. Or have an allergy to eggs. Or just hate eggs. Some people can’t eat eggs. I get that.

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